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Name: Cyrus Morgan
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Species: Human
Homeworld: Unknown/Coruscant
Affiliation: Galactic Alliance: Intelligence


USP Blaster Pistols

Gauss Rifle-Type 2

Sniper Rifle

Personal Shot Blast Pistol

Modified Assault Pistol

Assault Carbine

DLT Riot Rifle

Cortosis Combat Sword

Personal ship: The Nonchalant

---Personal History: Not much is known about Cyrus Morgan before he entered the Military. And what is known is Classified in a sealed record that only the Director of Galactic Alliance Intelligence can open with a password provided to them, and the authorization code of former Intelligence Director Hiram Drayson.

---Military History: Cyrus was taken into an elite Unit known as the TacSpec Commandos. Everything about this elite unite is denied. They never officially existed, and no one will ever change their point on this.
Cyrus was trained and served in the Vong war. He and his people were first in last out, behind enemy lines kind of deal.

---Traumatic Experiences: The Yuuzhan Vong war devastated many worlds and people, but Cyrus Morgan saw the worst of the worst during his service. He saw the brutality of the Vong and the Peace Brigade.

The last mission to retake Coruscant was part of the blunt Savagery that took place. Cyrus fled Coruscant after his team was ambushed and murdered. His whereabouts were unknown, though the last known trajectory recorded suggested he had headed towards Korriban for unknown reasons. The Outcasts weren't sent to find him.

Once on Korriban, the Jedi Outcasts came into contact with Cyrus. His reasons for fleeing became apparent when Nom Anor was found on Korriban, having also fled after the battle of Coruscant. The Jedi Outcasts then helped take down and eliminate Nom Anor and the Peace Brigade's remaining members.

Cyrus joined the Outcasts and led a decent life. At one point he was even involved in a mission to save Hobbie Klivian, a former Rogue Squadron member.He remained with the Outcasts for some time until his brothers family needed him.

His brother, officially, had died a hero in the war. Unfortunately, it had been a lie. Cyrus had used his last bit of influence to make his brothers death official, and to make him a hero. His brother had joined the Peace Brigade and had become a monster. Cyrus, unwillingly to let his sister in law know the truth, shielded her from it so that her and her child wouldn't know the real reason her husband and father was dead.

Soon though, he was called back into action. General Belinda Kalendi sent word for him to come to Coruscant. Knowing his family was safe, he went and was told of the trouble they were having with Traest Kre'Fey, and that they needed him arrested and brought back to Coruscant so they could unravel the mystery of who let him out, and who or what was involved and at stake. Cyrus agreed.

The Outcasts

Cyrus left and worked with the Outcasts to find Treast Kre'fey. They were successful and soon he was back with the GAI. He took himself out of retirement after he and his brothers wife had a fight and she wanted him to leave. He had fallen in love with her but now, it was too hard to stay, so he went back to what he knew best.